86490298.gifIs a dental device comfortable?

Most people easily adapt to wearing a dental sleep device at night. After wearing the device for a short period of time it will become part of your routine, and most people will hate to go to sleep without it after they realize how much better they feel in the morning.

Compliance rates for dental sleep therapy are much higher than for other forms of non-surgical treatment of obstructive sleep apnea (learn more about obstructive sleep apnea). In other words, patients are much more likely to use a dental device successfully than any other form of treatment. Most scientific studies show that up to 95% of individuals will comfortably wear their devices nightly.

Once patients experience better sleep and improved health associated with use of a dental device, it is rare for someone to stop using it. Several Dental Sleep Solutions® dentists wear dental devices every night, and they know firsthand the benefits of dental device use. One Dental Sleep Solutions® dentist says “I can’t sleep properly without it, and my dental device is always the first thing I pack when going on a trip”.