iStock_000002514517XSmall.jpgIf I have TMJ (Jaw) Problems, Can I Still Wear a Dental Sleep Device?

The answer to this question is unique for each patient, but most patients who have TMJ (jaw joint) problems can be treated successfully with a dental device. Many people incorrectly believe that they are not candidates for a dental sleep device if they have TMJ or jaw disorders. In some instances, dental sleep devices have traditionally not been recommended when certain TMJ or jaw disorders are present, but often these problems will not prevent treatment with dental sleep devices. Use of some dental appliances can sometimes even improve TMJ symptoms.

For the cases where there are TMJ and jaw concerns, there are several types of dental sleep devices available that do not move the jaw forward and have little effect on the jaw joint (learn here about dental devices). If you have jaw problems, Dr. Rick will be happy to discuss your TMJ concerns and help decide whether you are a good candidate for dental sleep therapy.